The Hidden Struggles of Every Published Author

We rarely see the struggles someone had to endure to get to where they are today. This holds true for everyone, from celebrities to bodybuilders to fashion designers to even, yes, authors.

When I first decided six or so years ago that I was going to one day publish a book, labeling myself as the ever official "aspiring author," my theory behind the names gracing the spines of one (or several) of the books stacked on my shelves was that magic automatically exploded from their respective fingertips as soon as they struck the keyboard. Logically, what was produced from these infallible writing minds after just a few mere months was a beautifully written, creative, inspiring, award-worthy novel, and of course, they sent it in to a publisher who then immediately gobbled it up and proclaimed it as the Next Best Thing.

This was one of those theories that I was so delighted to learn was completely false.

Any successful person had to really work for where they are and what they have. But because we don't see these struggles, we as mere mortals who bow down to those we aspire to me see them as only idols and not actual regular people just like ourselves. We think they're smarter, more creative, luckier, more well-rounded, more popular than us. When really, the only thing that separates the sayers from the doers is drive.

The reality is that every published author did not become one without first failing countless times; without thinking their ideas were crap, that their writing was crap, that they were crap; without convincing themselves that they were never going to finish their book let alone publish it; without staying up through all hours of the night in front of the computer, because their minds were too awake to sleep; without riding a roller coaster of doubt and excitement and apprehension and confidence; without scrapping a million ideas; without reading through a finished first draft and realizing how much they needed to change; without crying and laughing and yelling and cheering. Creativity is hard. Writing is hard. Becoming a published author is HARD. But because we don't actually witness these struggles for ourselves, it's hard to remember that they exist, for everyone, in different ways.

And that is the very long way to introduce this blog as one that is going to follow the the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the successes and the struggles of me: the aspiring author. From this moment on, I will take it upon myself to share with you the reality of what it takes to work toward getting your writing published. I'm here to inspire and relate to you. I'm here to make you feel like you're not alone. I'm here to keep pushing you toward your goal. And I hope that by following my journey, you will have hope and you will stay driven.

Now, let's go publish a book.


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