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How Your "Why" Fuels Your Writing

Someone once told me to never do anything without intention. That doing for the sake of doing is unproductive; pointless. I disagreed, claiming that whether it's realized or not, we as humans with an unimaginably complex nervous system, always do everything with intention.

But last night, I found myself questioning my belief in this.

I want to make a difference with my writing. I want to touch someone's soul, tug at their heart, help them realize they're not alone. I assume most if not all writers feel this way. But as I sat in my dark room, staring up at the ceiling as sleep refused to come, I began to doubt a deeper purpose in the words I'd spent the past six months slaving over.

I started asking myself questions like: "Is this plot for anything more than entertainment?" "Will anyone feel something when they read it?" "Will this book be important to anyone?" Each question was initially met with a resounding "no," and my discour…

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