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The Perfect Opening Line

You're always told not to judge a book by its cover. But how many times have you judged one by its opening line?

Though now I barely have enough patience to wait for my next read to download to my Kindle, when I was younger, I had enough time to actually meander through my home away from home (aka Barnes and Noble). I'd go in there after having done exactly zero research on what I wanted to read next, instead grabbing books whose titles caught my eye and basing my decision off their summaries—and then—their opening lines.

Opening lines are your hook.
Which is more intriguing to you? "Clouds drifted across the sky on the bright sunny day," or "For years, the sky had been nothing but a pitch blackness, suffocating the world in an endless night. But now the sun blared across the grassy fields in an orange warmth I no longer recognized."

Your first lines should instantly entice the reader. They should not only question what is going on, but they should feel a p…

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